LED Lighting for Boats, Trucks and RVs

GBL manufactures and distributes a range of LED Bulbs and fixtures for the RV and Boat World. All manufactured to handle voltage fluctuations common with batteries found on your recreational vehicles. Some of our more popular RV and Boat LED Bulbs include our G4 replacement, our Ba15d 1157, 1142 LED Bulb, our Ba15s single contact 1156, 1141, 1076 LED Bulb and a number of our T10 LED Lamps (921, 918 or 912 bulb), known as our Victoria LED Lighting line.

RV and Boat LED lights have little to no heat output, are solid state which is ideal for moving vehicles and use little electricity which save your battery for times when power is needed.

1156 LED Single Contact Bayonet Bulb (Ba15s)
RV LED 1156 bulb Canada

This single contact bayonet has the standard 15mm socket base with pins that are in line with each other and a single contact on the bottom. This bulb draws 3 Watts, is voltage regulated at 10-30V DC for use directly with 12V or 24V batteries and emits 220 lumens. It also has 18 powerfully bright triple chip SMD LEDs. Ideal for applications that require Omni-directional light output including anchor fixtures, cockpit lamps, dome lights or sconce lamp fixtures.

Ba15s also known as the 1156 lamp, 1141 or 89 bulb.

Check out our Ba15s-18SMD LED bulb here....Ba15s 1156 LED Lamp

1142 LED Double Contact Bayonet Bulb (Ba15d)
1142 LED Bulb Vancouver

GBLs double contact bayonet bulb has a standard 15mm socket base with pins that are in line with a double contact on the bottom. This common boat LED bulb draws 3 Watts, is voltage regulated at 10-30V DC for use directly with 12V or 24V batteries and has 18 triple chip SMD LEDs that emit a total of 220 lumens. Ideal for applications that require Omni-directional light output including anchor fixtures, cockpit lamps, dome lights or wall sconce lamps.

Ba15d's are also known as the 1076 lamp or 1142 bulb.

Check out our Ba15d-18SMD LED bulb here....Ba15d 1142 LED Lamp

LED T10 Lamp (921, 912 LED Bulb)
921 LED Bulb Vancouver BC

Our RV T10 LED Wedge bulb has 18 SMD 5050 LEDs and draws 3 watts of electricity with a 360 degree light output. Voltage Regulated at 10-30VDC for 12VDC or 24VDC systems.

The T10 wedge is also #912, 921 or 918 lamp.

Check out our LED T10 lightbulb here...T10 RV LED Bulb

G4 Bi-Pin LED Bulb (G4-18SMD)
G4 Boat LED Bulb Vancouver

This G4 is popular on both boats and recreational vehicles. Stocked in Warm White light (Soft) or Cool White. This G4 has 18SMD LEDs that are arranged for omni-directional (360 degree) light output. Drawing only 3 Watts, a bright option instead of halogen G4 lights.

Check out GBLs LED G4 Bulb here…GBLs G4 18 SMD Omni Lamp

LED G4 Single direction lamp (G4-9SMD)
12V G4 LED 4mm LED pin bulb

G4 LED with 9 SMDs on a single small round board, perfect for dome lights. The pins are 4mm apart from each other and designed to be voltage regulated at 10-30VDC. The electronic components are also protected with silicone covering.

Check out our LED G4 Lamp here…G4 LED lightbulb

T10 912 LED Wedge lamp (T10-9SMD)
RV Wedge LED Lamp

GBLs Wedge LED lamp has 9 SMD 5050 LEDs and draws 2 watts on a single Light board with a constant current voltage regulation that works with either 12VDC or 24VDC batteries.

The T10 wedge is also #912, 921 or 918 lamp.

Further info on the 9SMD T10 LED here…LED T10 921 lightbulb

Standard E26 Medium Base 10-30VDC LED Bulbs
12VDC medium base LED bulb

For your customers who want to use standard lighting fixtures we've developed an LED bulb that is low voltage 10-30VDC but has a standard E26 medium base. In Vancouver BC Canada, for Low Voltage we stock our E26-LB60 LED omni directional Lamp and also a 10-30V DC (voltage regulated) 12VDC, 24VDC PAR30 LED flood lamp, pictured here.

View our Low Voltage 90 LED PAR30 with this link…PAR30 12VDC LED Bulb

Waterproof LED Strip Lighting (GBL Flex-12V-Out)
Outdoor LED strip lighting

We have offer a range of LED Strip lighting that is flexible and easy to use. Our indoor and outdoor versions can be cut every 3 LEDs to customize your lighting requirements, be it for under cabinets, cove lighting or to highlight your bookcase, GBLs LED strip lighting is an easy customizable option for your RV or boat interiors and exteriors.

Check out our outdoor strip LED here…LED Strip Waterproof

LED Courtesy Light (Rd12-6LED)
RV Boat LED Courtesy light

This small recessed LED light is designed for interior or exterior applications. Available with 1 Watt power LED, or the more popular 6 LED version, or in RGB colour changing. This step light is easily installed in walls or wood or metal. The Brushed nickel trim is individually machined and draws minimal power. Great for step lighting, as an LED path light, a livewell light, minimal cabinet light.

See further details on our single colour and RGB LED courtesy light here Courtesy LED Step light

Recessed Swivel Trim (for MR16 or RD07 LED Fixture)
Recess Trim with LED Light

This trim is stocked in White or Brushed Nickel that includes either a MR16 LED bulb or our slim patented Round07 LED fixture. With the MR16 LED option we include 1 MR16 socket. This swivel trim can direct the light where needed. Available in a spot or flood with a thin housing. RGB options available.

Our Brushed Nickel and White recessed trim……Recessed LED Swivel Trim

RV and LED Boat bulbs canada

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